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Madame Tussauds Museumin London, United Kingdom

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In the world's most famous wax museum you will find so realistic copies of historical persons and modern stars, that it will scare you.
Madame Tussauds Museum, London
Almost 200 years ago Anna Maria Tussouds, french woman, opened her first permanent wax exhibition in London. Now the collection of the museum is growing up each year, and tourists from all over the world visit it to take photos with wax celebrities.

At the beginning of XVIII century Maria Tussouds became so famous with her wax figures of Voltaire and Rousseau, that French Royal family invited her to Versalle to teach arts. But after Great French Revolution her success turned to danger: Maria got prisoned by the new government and miraculously survived. She made sculptures of dead royal family to show her loyalty to Jacobins.

That's where Tussouds' horror collection took the beginning: Maria started to recreate the scenes of violence and make wax scuiptures of executioners and their victims.

Madame Tussauds Museum in London
Photo: Madame Tussouds, © Mya Riener

Interesting facts
Now each wax figure for the Madame Tussouds Museum is created by the team of 15 artists, and this work takes over 3-4 months.

In 2001 they made the sculpture of Queen Elisabeth II, and Her Majesty helped to select the perfect eyes for her figure.

The wax Queen Elisabeth II in the Madame Tussouds Museum
Photo: wax Queen Elisabeth II, © Rafael Baptista

Modern wax museum's collection consists of sportsmen, singers and TV-stars, and they all are hardly differed from their origins. For example, Ozzy Osbourn once spent some time standing in the Museum like a sculpture and scarring visitors by starting to move suddenly.

Now The Madame Tussouds Museum has 20 subsidiaries from USA to Asia, but there is no subsidiarie in Paris, where Marie Tussoids started to create her art.

Ticket Price starts from £29.

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#6See Jack The Ripper's victims in Madam Tussauds Museum in LondonSee Jack The Ripper's victims in Madam Tussauds MuseumYulia Zhavoronkova

In the world-famous wax museum you will find also the Room of Horror.

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Madame Tussauds Museum on the map

Location: Marylebone Road

Open hours

the Museum\'s opening times are different and depends on month, you will find details on the official website.



Guest06 December 2023

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