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Visit Freemason lodgein Zurich, Switzerland

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Plain building on Lindenhof hill is the place where Freemason sessions take place.
How to visit Freemason lodge in Zurich
Lavater brothers brought the Masons movement to Zurich by establishing in 1771 the first Freemason lodge under the name "Modestia cum libertate" that stands for English "Modesty and Freedom".

As a rule, elitists got enrolled in the ranks of Masons: architects, physicians, composers. The main idea of the community is constant self-improvement and self analysis. The main priorities are tolerance, respect, justice and freedom.

Nowadays Freemason lodge on Lindenhof Hill is the second biggest in the country. Its archives keep documents of 200-year mason history in Switzerland, and the hall is the place where members of modern Freemasonry hold sessions. Besides music and art, they discuss social issues and global ecology as well.

How to do?

1. The Mason lodge building is located on Lindenhof hill. Although the modern Freemasons hold open sessions, you'd better make an agreement before the visit - send an application via online application. Timetable and discussion topics of the community members are available here.

Blue temple in the freemason lodge, Zurich
Photo: Blue temple in the freemason lodge, © Giorgio Lenz

2. In the blue hall of the lodge you can listen to opera and piano recitals. Look up the calendar of events here.

Where to do?

When to do?

Meeting and concerts take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

How much?

Listening to opera in the Freemasons lodge costs 40 Swedish kronas, opera with banquet - 80 kronas.


Guest24 June 2024

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