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What to do in Zurich —
17 things to do

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17 things to do in Zurich

#1Ride in Fondue tram in ZurichRide in Fondue tramMickey Collins

Excursion round Zurich in German along with snacks, drinks and limitless cheese fondue.

CHF 89Bellevue tram stop
#2Visit Freemason lodge in ZurichVisit Freemason lodgeAnna Tet

Plain building on Lindenhof hill is the place where Freemason sessions take place.

CHF 40Lindenhof hill
#3Try fondue in ZurichTry fondueoddviser

The recipe of national dish of Swiss cheese mixture differs from restaurant to restaurant: they add garlic, wine, tomatoes, mushrooms and other ingredients.

CHF 12
#4Buy chocolate in Sprüngli Confiserie in ZurichBuy chocolate in Sprüngli ConfiserieTarras

Hand-made candies that suits any taste - different chocolate with nuts, vanilla and even gold.

CHF 6.20Confiserie Sprüngli
#5See plane landing close up in ZurichSee plane landing close upAnna Tet

Zurich airport has got observation decks just right at the takeoff runway.

CHF 5Airport
#6Ride in a funicular in ZurichRide in a funicularSuper Сrabe

The ride lasts 100 seconds; in this fully automated funicular you'll find a viewing platform, and what is more, it rides out right from the residential building.

CHF 1.20UBS Polybahn funicular
#7Play petanque in ZurichPlay petanqueLIFEisGOOD

It's quite common thing among locals to get together on Lindenhoff hill to play petanque. Join them, they'll make rules of the game clear for you.

FREELindenhof hill
#8See the biggest European clock in ZurichSee the biggest European clockMargaret Cain

Wherever you are in Zurich, you can easily sea St.Peter's Church's tower with the huge face of the clock on it.

FREESt. Peter Church
#9See panorama of the city in ZurichSee panorama of the cityJoe Guardino

Lindenhof hill opens great view of the Alps, the Limmat river, towers of the Grossmünster church and Zurich suburbs.

FREELindenhof hill
#14See modern earth houses in ZurichSee modern earth housesMickey Collins

In Dietikon, the western suburban area of Zurich, they build mud huts from eco-materials and without quoins.

#10Get to the freight containers' top in ZurichGet to the freight containers' topAnri Genyari

On the top of 26-meter tower you can see splendid panorama of urban Zurich. Here you'll find staircase leading to the top.

FREEFreitag tower
#11Play giant chess in ZurichPlay giant chessklia balo

On Lindenhof hill you can play chess. By the way, chess pieces here are as big as bowling pins.

FREELindenhof hill
#12Visit the canton council session in the town hall in ZurichVisit the canton council session in the town hallAnna Grishina

You can see the town hall inside on weekdays, if you want to visit the session - apply for it on the town hall's website.

FREETown hall
#13See dinosaur eggs in ZurichSee dinosaur eggsLIFEisGOOD

Look at petrified egg laying of dinosaur in their natural size. The museum is located a 30-minute drive from Zurich. It is opened from 10 am till 5 pm, Monday is a day off.

CHF 21Dinosaur Museum
#15Ride in a water tram in ZurichRide in a water tramJoe Guardino

The tram departs every half an hour from the National museum on weekdays from 1 pm, on weekends and holidays - from 10 am.

CHF 4.30The Limmat river
#16See the oldest clock in ZurichSee the oldest clockLIFEisGOOD

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum keeps 500 exhibit items of oil, electronic and mechanical clocks and watches. The oldest exhibit was made in 1400 BC.

CHF 8Beyer Clock and Watch Museum
#17Visit Pegasus Small World toy museum in ZurichVisit Pegasus Small World toy museumoddviser

The museum displays the biggest in Switzerland collection of tin toys, hundreds of Teddy bears and stuffed toy animals.

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