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Gardens by the Bayin Singapore, Singapore

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Elegantly decorated tropical park is an amazing piece of modern architecture. It consists of 18 futuristic trees and numerous unique plants.
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Gardens by the Bay is not only a wonderful piece of modern architecture but also elegantly decorated tropical park, where you can see about 200 species of plants that picturesquely braid 18 huge trees made of reinforced concrete. These trees are up to 50 meters high! A special atmosphere reigns here at nightfall, when gardens are illuminated and become even more unreal.

You can get to the park by MRT. Your reaching point is Bayfront CE1/DT16 station. You can also use a bus № 400 from MRT station called Marina Bay NS27/CE2.

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#1Catch the light and music show in Gardens by the Bay in SingaporeCatch the light and music show in Gardens by the BayKateryna Plakhotna

You should definitely see a great show in a romantic futuristic super-trees grove.

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Guest19 June 2024
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