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Things to do 3

#1Climb to the top of the Pyramid of Cheops in CairoClimb to the top of the Pyramid of CheopsSheldon-Shmeldon

It is not just an adventure, but one of the most difficult and dangerous adventurism.

FREEGreat Pyramids of Giza
#13Pilot a Boeing 737 in BangkokPilot a Boeing 737Sheldon-Shmeldon

You will have time to do two take-offs and two landings, and even to try landing the aircraft during a snowfall!

฿4550Flight Experience center
#1Ride on the roof of a train in MumbaiRide on the roof of a trainSheldon-Shmeldon

You don't need to sit in a stuffy carriage, especially if you can ride on the roof of the train with the locals.

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