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What to do on Mindoro —
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3 things to do on Mindoro

#1Reach the Talipanan Falls on MindoroReach the Talipanan FallsВера Архипова

Find out how to get to a waterfall in wild jungle with no transportation running there. Feel the solitude among pristine nature.

#2Swim in a man-made waterfall on MindoroSwim in a man-made waterfallВера Архипова

Are you risky enough to take a swim in a 123-high waterfall? Tamaraw Falls is waiting for you! Add one more activity to your adventure list!

#3Snorkel at Haligi Beach on MindoroSnorkel at Haligi BeachВера Архипова

Philippines is a perfect place to go snorkeling and diving. Enthusiasts and pros come to the blessed islands to witness submarine world!

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