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4 things to do in Opuwo

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#1Visit Himba people in OpuwoVisit Himba peopleoddviser

Women from Himba tribes are depicted on pictures as a cultural symbol of Namibia.

#2Pat a cheetah in OpuwoPat a cheetahoddviser

Otjitotongwe Farm is inhabited not only by wild cheetahs, but also tame ones. You can pat them, if you dare, but be very careful.

Otjitotongwe Cheetah Guestfarm
#3Explore shipwrecks on the Namibian Skeleton Coast in OpuwoExplore shipwrecks on the Namibian Skeleton Coastoddviser

The sailors called the Namibian Skeleton Coast the "Gates of Hell" as thousands of ships were wrecked here.

Skeleton Coast National Park
#4See the Organ Pipes in OpuwoSee the Organ Pipesoddviser

Across the road from the Burnt Mountain there is a path leading to dolomite columns. You'll see a stone with "OrrelPype" - this is the valley with unusual molten rocks.

FREEThe Burnt Mountain
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