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What to see in Opuwo —
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5 places to visit in Opuwo

#0Etosha National ParkEtosha National Park

One of the biggest parks in Africa inhabited by 114 species of mammals is located in the northwest of the country - 400 km northward from Windhoek. You can take a 3-6-day tour or drive your own car around the park, but only by day.

#0Otjitotongwe Cheetah GuestfarmOtjitotongwe Cheetah Guestfarm

Cheetah farm is located in the northeast of Namibia - 300 kilometers southward of Opuwo. The 7000-hectare farm are inhabited by both tame and wild cheetahs.

#0Ruacana FallsRuacana Falls

The waterfall is situated on the border between Namibia and Angola - 635 kilometers northward from Windhoek. You can get from the capital city only by vehicle. The most favourable time to come here is from February till June.

#0Skeleton Coast National ParkSkeleton Coast National Park

The park with shipwrecks stretches along the Atlantic Ocean coastline, in the southern part of the Namib desert. The entrance to the park is through Springbokwasser gate on highway C39.

#0The Burnt MountainThe Burnt Mountain

The mountain is located in Damaraland area, 350 kilometers northward of Opuwo. The mountain is known for dolomite columns that is known as the Organ Pipes.

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