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Go fishing at the former prison sitein Bar, Montenegro

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Take a boat and go to the old fort in the middle of the lake - here you can get pretty reliable fish crop.
How to go fishing at the former prison site in Bar
Skadar Lake is located on the territory of the national park, fishing here is under strict control and it is possible only under a licence.

Lake is stocked with Atlantic salmon, carp, freshwater eel, roach, redeye and bleak.

An island on the Skadarsk lake, Bar

How to do?

1. You need to get a licence to go fishing on Skadar lake. You can buy it in fishing village Vranijna that is on the way from Podgorica along highway E80 (in front of the bridge over the lake on the left). You can take your own fishing rod - one set of tackle can be taken here duty-free.

2. The island with Grmozur old fort that used to be a prison is located 2 kilometers south west from Vranijna village. Think ahead about overnight stop - around the lake there are a lot of houses that you can rent. There are also cafes nearby.

Where to do?

#1Grmožur fortress ruinsGrmožur fortress ruins

Fortress that was built by the Turks at the end of XIX century on a small island used to be a prison. Here only two prisoners were kept - those who couldn't swim.

When to do?

At any day of warm season. Fishing is not allowed in spring during the spawning.

How much?

Entrance to the territory of the national park is €4.
Fishing permit - €5 per 24 hours.
Boat rent - €25 per hour.


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