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4 things to do in Bar

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#1Go fishing at the former prison site in BarGo fishing at the former prison siteoddviser

Take a boat and go to the old fort in the middle of the lake - here you can get pretty reliable fish crop.

€89Grmožur fortress ruins
#2Watch pelicans in BarWatch pelicansoddviser

Rent a boat and set out on a walk around Skadar lake. Pelicans have their seats alongside fishing villages and near Grmožur island fortress.

€29Lake Skadar
#3Walk around old Besac fortress in BarWalk around old Besac fortressoddviser

The fortress is placed near Virpazar town. By day you'll be charged for visiting the place, but by night you can walk here for free.

Besac fortress
#4See 2000-year-old olive tree in BarSee 2000-year-old olive treeoddviser

The tree grows in Mirovica village in the suburbs of Bar. Although the tree is 2240 years old, it still bears fruit, so in a souvenir shop nearby you can buy a bottle of olive oil.

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