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Taste black sapote fruitin Port Louis, Mauritius

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Treat yourself to amazing and rare fruit that tastes of a juicy chocolate pudding. Make your childhood dreams come true!
How to taste black sapote fruit in Port Louis
This fruit has many names, but no matter how you call it – the chocolate persimmon or the black apple - it won't change the incredible taste of the fruit.

The black sapote fruit looks unattractive, to put it mildly. But, the moment you taste it, all other sweets of the world will cease to exist for you.

The pulp of this exotic fruit tastes of a juicy chocolate pudding, except that the fruit, unlike the dessert, can boast of a high vitamin value. On the island of Mauritius, they both eat fresh sapote and add it to cocktails or ice cream. The fruits are usually used to cook all sorts of fillings for desserts and pastries, and also to make alcohol drinks.

You can taste the black sapote at one of the fruit markets of Mauritius.


Guest19 June 2024

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