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Celebrate Independence day of the Republic of Uzupisin Vilnius, Lithuania

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In 1997 the quarter of Uzupiz painters announced its independence and celebrate the event on April, 1.
How to celebrate Independence day of the Republic of Uzupis in Vilnius
Uzupis is one of the oldest neighbourhood of Vilnius surrounded by the river from one side and industrial zone of Soviet period from the other side. A few hundred years ago only poor people inhabited this neighbourhood, wealthy people preferred living in the Old Town.

Everything changed when Bohemia of Vilnius started moving to the abandoned quarter - streets got decorated with graffiti, and run-down buildings turned into galleries and cafes.

Uzhupis is frequently compared with Monmartr, Vilnius
Photo: Uzhupis is frequently compared with Monmartr

On April, 1 1997 citizens of art district proclaimed independent the Republic of Užupis with its own constitution, hymn, currency and even 12-people army. The president of Uzupis is director Romas Lileikis and consuls sit in sessions in galleries and squats in 320 cities around the world.

The Constitution of Uzhupis is written in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages, Vilnius
Photo: The Constitution of Uzhupis is written in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages

How to do?

1. The Republic of Užupis celebrates the Independence Day on April, 1. The celebration is always noisy and a lot of fun, but security measures are necessarily kept - checkpoints are set up at all the entrances.

Attention! The Navy of the Independent Republic of Užupis!, Vilnius
Photo: Attention! The Navy of the Independent Republic of Užupis!, © Bernardas Šliamka

On the Independence Day of Uzupis they launch the navy of Uzupis - children's hand-made ships.

2. Everyone can visit the celebration of the Free Republic. The main thing is to stay peaceful and respect local orders.

Where to do?


The oldest neighbourhood of Vilnius that Bohemia announced to be Free Republic. Užupis has got its constitution, hymn and president.

When to do?

Every year on April, 1.


Guest17 June 2024

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