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Ride in a boat around the castlein Vilnius, Lithuania

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Rent a boat to look at Trakai Island Castle from all the sides.
How to ride in a boat around the castle in Vilnius
Most citizens of Vilnuis spend their weekends and holidays on Trakai island. Inside the castle on the island you can get familiar with the history of Vilnuis, and around it - with cultural life of the country.

On Lake Galvė where actually Trakai Island Castle is situated sailing regatta and kayaking competitions take place. On land, you can watch semi-marathons and visit jazz festivals and markets. In warm seasons rent a boat and ride around the castle.

Rent a catamaran with your fellows, Vilnius
Photo: Rent a catamaran with your fellows, © Donatas Pocius

How to do?

1. Trakai Island Castle is situated 28 kilometers west from Vilnius. You can get here by car taking A16 highway or by bus departing from platform №6 of the bus station down 22 Sodu Street (phone number of the information centre 1661). Boats run daily from 5:40am till 10:15pm with interval of 20-80 minutes. Upon arrival to Trakai you won't get lost - the main road that is to the right of the bus station leads right to the castle.

A bridge over the lake leads to the Trakai Castle, Vilnius
Photo: A bridge over the lake leads to the Trakai Castle

2. Rent a boat, catamaran, baidarka or sailingship in boating station near the main entrance into the castle (next to the bridge) and ride till the sun goes down (but remember, the rent is paid by the hour). Watch the sun set over the castle sitting in the cafe at the lake.

Where to do?

#1Trakai Island CastleTrakai Island Castle

The biggest remained castle in Lithuania. It stands on the island in the middle of Lake Galvė; inside the castle there is a historical museum.

Location: 28 kilometers north from Vilnius
Open hours: From May till September from 9am till 6pm, at all other times - till 5pm.
Phone: +370 528 51934
Official website: http://www.trakai-visit.lt/

When to do?

You can rent a boat until the lake is frozen.

How much?

Rental price depends on the kind of vessel - from €7 per hour for pedal catamaran and up to €70 for a yacht.

Tips and hints

If you want to take place on fee-free parking lot, come here before 9:30am. Fee-paying parking costs about €2 per hour.


Guest24 May 2024

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Photo credit © Grzegorz Polak