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Climb the highest towerin Riga, Latvia

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A few-minute ride in a lift, and here you are, admire Riga in full view from the highest point of the city.
How to climb the highest tower in Riga
The outline of the tower with a cock on the roof is used depicting Riga (on postcards, advertisment postcards) - it belongs to St. Peter's church

St. Peter Church, Riga

Destroyed during the fire wooden chapel was replaced by 124 meters high steel tower that remains the highest constructions in the city at all times.

How to do?

1. St. Peter's Church is located in the historic centre of the city. Take tram №3 and go to Aspazijas bulvāris stop, then go down Audēju iela street until the intersection with Skarnu iela street. You'll find the entrance into the chapel on 19 Skarnu Street.

2. Buy a ticket at the church box office. Go inside, then upstairs and wait for a lift - it runs every 10 minutes. No spiral stairs, just a few minutes in an overcrowded elevator and you're at the top of the tower.

The observation deck hold about 10 people, Riga
Photo: The observation deck hold about 10 people

3. The viewing platform is placed at the height of 72 meters. From this point you'll see whole Riga - medieval and modern, the Gulf of Riga and the Daugava river.

Where to do?

#1St. Peter's ChurchSt. Peter's Church

It's one of the oldest temples of Baltic. Here concerts of live music and art exhibitions take place. The tower of the church is the highest construction in Riga.

Location: Reformation Square 1
Official website: http://peterbaznica.riga.lv/

When to do?

You can come up to the viewing platform from 10:00 till 17:00, Monday is a day off.

How much?

Entry ticket including tower climb is 11€.

Tips and hints

Sometimes it's pretty windy on the tower - take on warm clothes.


Guest24 June 2024

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#1Ride in the first electric tram in RigaRide in the first electric tramAnna Tet

Taking the retro tram you can see the historic area of Riga for one hour and get to the city zoo.

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