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Abandoned hotel Taman Bedugulin Bali, Indonesia

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Hotel in Bali which is abandoned for unknown reasons, even after 15 years of desolation, is still visited by tourists. Surely, without spending the night.
Abandoned hotel Taman Bedugul, Bali
At an altitude of 1500 m, near the Bratan and Buyan lakes, there is a hotel built in 2002. Who and why started such a building of premium class, but has not opened the hotel's door for the guests, we can only know from the legends of local residents.

The walls of the hotel rooms are decorated with walnut wood and decorated with bas-reliefs, and the windows overlook the insanely beautiful landscaped terraces. Obviously, such amenities were intended for people with special status.

Abandoned hotel Taman Bedugul on the map

Location: 50 kilometers northwards from Denpasar


Guest06 December 2023

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