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See the view of Thessaloniki from the White Tower ofin Thessaloniki, Greece

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Notorious place in the past turned into one of the most main point of interest in the city.
How to see the view of Thessaloniki from the White Tower of in Thessaloniki
The White tower is as white as it used to be, but still it is the most remarkable place in the town. In the past it was a defensive fortress that in the course of time became a place of executing people. Because of its bloody history it was called The Bloody tower? then it was whiten to get rid of the bloody past. Now the notorious place became a museum.

How to do?

1. There is a huge building in a cylinder shape on the Thessaloniki quay.
2. Before coming up to the highest point, walk through the museum halls to immerse into the city history.
3. Come up to the tower and admire the stunning view of the city and the Aegean Sea bay.

Where to do?

#2The White TowerThe White Tower

The White Tower is the most famous and recognizible place of interest in the city. Here is a notorious history of Thessaloniki inside the tower and a breathtaking view of the city outside.


Guest13 April 2024

More things to do in Thessaloniki

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#4Rub the thumb of Aristotelous in ThessalonikiRub the thumb of Aristotelousoddviser

Rub the thumb of the statue of Aristotelous, and let the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient philosopher be with you!

FREEAristotelous Square
#3Dine in rotating restaurant on the television tower in ThessalonikiDine in rotating restaurant on the television toweroddviser

Dine with a 360 degree panoramic view, sitting in a comfortable chair.

#1Try the Saganaki shrimp in ThessalonikiTry the Saganaki shrimpTarras

Let me introduce you an incredibly tasty homemade Greek snack from shrimps in tomato sauce - Saganaki shrimp.

#6Watch the golden coffin of Philip II in ThessalonikiWatch the golden coffin of Philip IIAlexander Fedai

Watch the royal tomb in Thessaloniki, the golden coffin of Philip of Macedon, his armor and his golden wreath.

8The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
#2Go for a night boat trip in ThessalonikiGo for a night boat tripoddviser

Take a boat trip along the Thermal Gulf in Thessaloniki after sunset. From the water the evening citylights seem much more attractive.

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