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Aristotelous Squarein Thessaloniki, Greece

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The central square of Thessaloniki is named in honor of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Here the cultural life of the city is concentrated.
Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki
The Aristotle Square is the epicentre of the urban city life and the starting point of almost all tourist routes. At this point people meet each other, listen to concerts and go shopping. There is the central embankment of the city nearby.

The square was reconstructed after the great fire in Thessaloniki and designed by Ernest Ebrar in 1917. The key figure on Aristotle's Square is the great thinker and philosopher who sits on a pedestal behind a line of trees and cafes.

The square of Aristotle is completely pedestrian and is surrounded by many museums.

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#4Rub the thumb of Aristotelous in ThessalonikiRub the thumb of Aristotelousoddviser

Rub the thumb of the statue of Aristotelous, and let the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient philosopher be with you!

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Location: Aristotelous Square
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