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10 things to do in Brussels

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#1Take comic strip route in BrusselsTake comic strip routeAnna Tet

Find 50 paintings on the walls of Brussels buildings - you can run into them in the most unexpected places.

#2Attend session of the European Parliament in BrusselsAttend session of the European ParliamentAnna Tet

See live the procedure of adopting laws for citizens of the European Union.

FREEThe European Parliament building
#3See the biggest in Europe dinosaur skeletons collection in BrusselsSee the biggest in Europe dinosaur skeletons collectionklia balo

Dinosaur skeletons in Museum of Natural Sciences are 230 million years.

€7Museum of Natural Sciences
#4See 4,500,000,000-year-old meteorite in BrusselsSee 4,500,000,000-year-old meteoriteAnna Grishina

The oldest meteorite found in Europe is kept in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

€7Museum of Natural Sciences
#5Order a brussels sprout dish in BrusselsOrder a brussels sprout dishAnna Tet

Brussels sprout was discovered for the first time in 1750 in Brussels suburb. Now the dish is served in any cafe of Belgium.

#6See Belgian Minister's of Finance boxers in BrusselsSee Belgian Minister's of Finance boxersLIFEisGOOD

One of the exhibit items of Celebrities Underwear Museum is Minister of Finance Didier Reynders' boxers.

Underwear Museum
#7Try cherry Kriek beer in BrusselsTry cherry Kriek beerHarper Fuller

Kriek beer flavoured with natural cherry juice is infused for a year in oak barrels. The beer is served in every pub in Brussels.

#8Drink beer like a coachman in BrusselsDrink beer like a coachmanAnna Tet

Kwak beer is served on a wooden stand in a glass with convex bottom; thus, a coachman could take beer in a carriage and not to spill while moving. You can order the beer in any pub.

#9Walk inside iron molecule in BrusselsWalk inside iron moleculeAnna Tet

Inside the huge molecule made of steel you can ride an escalator to move from one atom to another.

#10Try Belgian chocolate candies stuffed with praline in BrusselsTry Belgian chocolate candies stuffed with pralineLIFEisGOOD

Not elsewhere but in Brussels they came up with making praline - caramelized chopped nuts.

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