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Take a world's highest and longest cable car ridein Merida, Venezuela

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Teleferico de Merida is 12 500 meters long. It connects Merida city and Pico Espejo (4765 meters).
How to take a world's highest and longest cable car ride in Merida
Teleferico de Merida is officially world's longest cable car. Taking the ride you can go up from Merida city to Pico Espejo that is 4765 meters high. 12,5 kilometer ride takes about 2 hours.

At one ride the cable car system can hold 45 passengers and moves at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour.

Teleferico-de-Merida, Mérida

How to do?

1. The base station of the cable car is in Barinas area of Merida city on Plaza las Heroinas. Early morning is the best time to take a ride as in the afternoon it is foggy in Venezuela mountains.

Teleferico-de-Merida departure station, Mérida
Photo: Teleferico-de-Merida base station, © Sergio Martinez

2. Along Teleferico de Merida way passengers change cars at three stations - La Montana, La Aguada and Loma Redonda - at each station you can get out of the car to see mountain panorama. Stops are also possible in case somebody feels bad or any other reason.

3. Final station of the cable car is placed on Pico Espejo that overlooks perhaps the best view in Venezuela.

Where to do?

#1Merida cable carMerida cable car

It takes 2 hours to ride from base station of the cable car in Barinas area to Espejo Peak. The system functions from Wednesday till Sunday from 8am till 1pm. Price - $50.

When to do?

From Wednesday till Sunday 8am - 1pm. Sometimes cable car system doesn't function because of maintenance works. Look up updates here.

How much?

Cable car ride price is $50 for foreign tourists.


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