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Stalin's tunnels under the Dnipro river. Myths and reality 

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In 1938, by the order of Stalin in Kiev, the top-secret construction of the "NKPS No. 1 facility" began - two tunnels under the Dnipro river. To whom and for what it was necessary? What came out of this? This is a story about events that the totalitarian state could not conceal, despite prohibitions and mysterious disappearances of people.

Stalin's tunnels

Or could it? After all, conjectures and legends are much more than factual information. We invite you to visit the underground, learn about purpose of this facilities, and eyewitness them. And, perhaps, to find out the truth all together.

Important to know:
• citizens under the age of 12 or people who suffer from claustrophobia can not go on dungeon excursion.
• you will have to go down into sewer
• also remember that you need to take comfortable shoes and clothes that are not a pity to throw away.

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Languages: Russian English
Duration: 3 hours
Tour schedule: in 04:00 pm
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Guest25 July 2024

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