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See glacial waterfallsin Svalbard, Norway

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Tons of water, falling into the ocean, are a dazzling sight – admire the incredible glacial waterfalls in Norway.
How to see glacial waterfalls in Svalbard
A journey to the northern ices is a truly exciting adventure that promises a great pastime and a lot of unforgettable emotions. One of the natural phenomena that you have to see with your own eyes are glacial waterfalls.

Despite the fact that the glaciers and ice caps are located in the immediate vicinity of the North Pole, it is not as cold there as many would think. The average air temperature is + 5 ° C in summer, and not lower than -15 ° C in winter. This climate is due to the impact of the Gulf Stream that washes the shores of Spitsbergen.

If you come to Norway in June, July or August, you will be able to see an unusual phenomenon – glacial waterfalls, an exciting and fascinating spectacle of Mother Nature. From the great heights of glacier and ice caps tons of water are crashing down.

You can reach this place from Longyearbyen, then continue the journey by water.

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#1Austfonna Ice Cap in SvalbardAustfonna Ice Cap

The magnificent Austfonna Ice Cap is like an illustration to a fairytale or a futuristic landscape of a strange planet.

Tips and hints

to admire this natural phenomenon, go to the sea in a boat or in a kayak (truly speaking, it is much more comfortable in a boat, because kayaking in these waters is of the highest level of the extreme). Mind the strong piercing winds! You cannot do without a special protective suit there. Do not forget to wear a warm hat, a jacket and sunglasses.


Guest22 July 2024

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#2See walruses in SvalbardSee walrusesoddviser

Take a look at these awkward fin-footed giants. Getting acquainted with them is one of the major reasons for going to Spitsbergen.

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