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What to do in Oslo —
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13 things to do in Oslo

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#1Set out on fjord journey in OsloSet out on fjord journeyAnna Tet

You can take ferry and come round the whole Oslofjord inlet to witness pristine beauty of nature.

NOK 33
#2Climb to the top of Holmenkollbakken in OsloClimb to the top of Holmenkollbakkenklia balo

Viewing platform at the height of 115 meters is accessible daily from 9 am till 8 pm (in winter - from 10 am till 4 pm).

NOK 130Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill
#3See the most famous Munch's picture in OsloSee the most famous Munch's pictureoddviser

Munch museum keeps about 1100 paintings and 4500 drawings - world-known painting "the Scream" is among them.

NOK 100Munch museum
#4Zip Line from the ski jumping hill in OsloZip Line from the ski jumping hillJoe Guardino

Rope down from the height of 115 meters at a speed of Olympic skiers.

NOK 730Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill
#5Go skating in frozen fountain in OsloGo skating in frozen fountainJoe Guardino

Spikersuppa ice rink is open in winter from 11am till 9pm (from 4 pm till 5 pm - break-up time). Ice skates rental - 45 kronas (30 kronas for children).

FREEThe Spikersuppa fountain
#6Try brunost in OsloTry brunostFelicity

Norwegian brown cheese that tastes almost like caramelized milk. Norwegians eat it with Lefse flatbread. Whatever supermarket you come in Oslo you'll definitely find brunost.

NOK 57
#7Try Aquavit in OsloTry AquavitTarras

Barrel-aged alkie made of potatoes and caraway is supposed to be drunk slightly heated. You can pop into any shop in Oslo and buy the traditional drink.

NOK 365
#8Watch changing of the guard in OsloWatch changing of the guardoddviser

Changing of the guard takes place daily at 1:30 pm in front of the Royal Palace whatever the weather. It lasts about 40 minutes.

FREEThe Royal Palace
#9Feed ducks in the park of the Royal Palace in OsloFeed ducks in the park of the Royal PalaceAbarrane

Heading to the Royal Palace Park, don't forget to grab some fresh vegetable to treat ducks swimming in the pond.

FREEThe Royal Palace
#10See the royal family in OsloSee the royal familyoddviser

On Constitution Day (May, 17) the King of Norway and his family come out into the balcony to greet the parade and spectators.

FREEThe Royal Palace
#11Try lutefisk in OsloTry lutefiskklia balo

Scandinavian Christmas dish of cod is served with mashed peas, bacon, boiled potatoes and akvavit vodka.

#12Walk on the Opera House roof in OsloWalk on the Opera House roofmaxwell

Marble roof of the Opera House goes down right into the Oslofjord. Just from here you can see beautiful view of the city.

FREEThe Opera House
#13Buy Viking helmet in OsloBuy Viking helmetFelicity

Archaeologists say that Vikings wearing horned helmets is nothing more than a legend. But still it is the most recognizable symbol of Norway that you can buy in any souvenir shop.

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