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What to see in Kotor —
3 places to visit

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3 places to visit in Kotor

#1Our Lady of the RocksOur Lady of the Rocks

Man-made small island that was created in 1630 after two brothers found the icon of the Holy Mother and decided to make a an island with a temple on it. You can get here by boat from Perast town.

#2Fort of St. JohnFort of St. John

The fortress used to defend the old town from its eastern side. It is more than 260 meters high above sea level. The walls stretches to 4,5 kilometers, their thickness is 2-16 meters and height - 20 meters.

#3St. Nichola's ChurchSt. Nichola's Church

The church is situated on the central square of small town Perast that is 12 kilometers from Kotor. Its 55-meter-high bell-tower make the church the highest building in the town.

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