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4 things to do in Amman

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#1See the Hand of Hercules in AmmanSee the Hand of Herculesoddviser

Archaeologists say the gigantic marble three fingers on the territory of Temple of Hercules belongs to 40-feet statue of Hercules.

Temple of Hercules
#3Swim in the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ in AmmanSwim in the Baptism Site of Jesus Christoddviser

The site of baptism is situated on the east bank of the Jordan River in Vadi Al-Kharar town. The entrance fee is €15.

JOD 13
#2Try mansaf in AmmanTry mansafoddviser

Traditional Jordanian dish is prepared from lamb cooked in jameed sauce. It is served with rice and pignolia and almond nuts. Traditionally they eat the dish with the fingers.

#4Try kanafeh in AmmanTry kanafehoddviser

It is a dessert with nuts and cream cheese stuffing poured with sweet syrup. Try it in confectioneries or street-food stalls.

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