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Oia townon Santorini, Greece

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Cobbled streets, old mills and stunning sunsets - white town hanging on caldera of volcano is considered to be a pearl of Santorini island.
Oia town, Santorini
Oia town is situated in the nortern part of Santorini Island, on the edge of 400-meter high caldera (crater) that formed due to Santorini volcano eruption as far back as in II millenium BC.

But the volcano eruption is not the only destructive cataclysm - in 1956 the corner of paradise was almost completely damaged by an earthquake. Later the town was reconstructed and became a touristic attraction - people from all over the world started coming here to admire stunning sunsets and stroll along cozy streets with white and blue charming houses.

Oia, Santorini
Photo: Oia

Oia mills, Santorini
Photo: Oia mills, © Andrey Omelyanchuk

Among all the interesting places cave houses are pretty well-liked here. They used to be settlements for sailors, but now they are cosy and quite unusual hotels.

Cave hotel in Oia, Santorini
Photo: Cave hotel in Oia

Oia is comletely pedestrianized town, donkeys are the only means of transport here.

Means of transport in Oia, Santorini
Photo: Means of transport in Oia

Oia town on the map

Location: Oia, Santorini


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