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Sip coffee in the world's highest Starbucksin Taiwan, China

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The world's highest Sarbuks cafe is placed on the 35th floor of the Taipei 101 skyscraper.
How to sip coffee in the world's highest Starbucks in Taiwan

How to do?

1. The nearest metro station to the shopping centre is Taipei 101 World Trade Centre station (R6). You should reserve a table at least one day before and with the help of a Mandarin-speaking translator.

2. Come 5-10 minutes before the reserved time. Go through entrance №7 in section 5 that is on Xin Yi Road. Head to the reception inside the building and say about Starbucks reservation, then a barista will come to walk you to 35th floor.

View from the 35th floor, Taiwan

3. Pointless to say the seats at the window is the most popular. Before ordering coffee and sandwiches take a table with the view of the city. If you find one.

Where to do?

#3Taipei 101 skyscraperTaipei 101 skyscraper

The main thing of 508-meter of Taipei 101 skyscraper is a huge pendulum ball between 87 and 91 floors that increases the seismic resistance of the construction. There is an observation deck atop the skyscraper. The fee - TWD600.

When to do?

Any day from 7:30am till 8pm, but only by previous reservation.

Tips and hints

In Starbucks in Taibei 101 shopping centre has some rules:
• minimum sum in the bill is TWD200 per person;
• wearing shorts and flip-flops is forbidden;
• occupying a table is only for 90 minutes.


Guest25 July 2024

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#5Greet the dawn on the top of Elephant Mountain in TaiwanGreet the dawn on the top of Elephant Mountainoddviser

Probably from here the view is even better than from Taipei 101 tower - from here you'll see the skyscraper itself.

FREETaipei’s Elephant Mountain
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Bike road goes around Sun Moon Lake.

44Sun Moon Lake
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