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15 things to do in Taiwan

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#8Try bubble tea in TaiwanTry bubble teaEvgeny

Try black or green tea with milk, fruits, berries and tapioca balls in cafes of Taipei.

CNY 100
#1Sip coffee in the world's highest Starbucks in TaiwanSip coffee in the world's highest Starbucksoddviser

The world's highest Sarbuks cafe is placed on the 35th floor of the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

CNY 44Taipei 101 skyscraper
#13Visit the "kingdom" of cats in TaiwanVisit the "kingdom" of catsoddviser

Over 100 stray cats laze on the streets of Houtong. Heading to this village don't forget to take food to feed "the residents". Here you'll also find shops with cat-shaped souvenirs.

FREEHoutong Cat Village
#2Order meal in a toilet bowl in TaiwanOrder meal in a toilet bowloddviser

In the theme restaurant of Taibei all dishes are served in bidet-shaped bowls, all drinks - in urinals. The restaurant is open from 11:30 till 10pm.

CNY 44Modern Toilet restaurant
#3Walk on a volcanic reef in TaiwanWalk on a volcanic reefoddviser

Come to Green Reef spot at Laomei in April or May - when the tide is low you can see and walk on the green surface of the reef.

FREELaomei Green Reef
#4Take a bike ride along one of the world's best panoramic roads in TaiwanTake a bike ride along one of the world's best panoramic roadsoddviser

Bike road goes around Sun Moon Lake.

CNY 44Sun Moon Lake
#5Greet the dawn on the top of Elephant Mountain in TaiwanGreet the dawn on the top of Elephant Mountainoddviser

Probably from here the view is even better than from Taipei 101 tower - from here you'll see the skyscraper itself.

FREETaipei’s Elephant Mountain
#6Try taro balls in TaiwanTry taro ballsoddviser

Traditional Taiwanese dessert that is made of mashed taro and sweet potato flour. A bowl of taro balls costs about NTD40. It is normally served with syrup cold or hot.

CNY 40Jiufen
#7Take a late night tea session in TaiwanTake a late night tea sessionoddviser

Pop into a wooden tea houses in the evening when they're lit with lanterns. Learn on traditional types of tea here, temperature to boil water and find out how to hold a cup.

#9Try egg custard pudding in TaiwanTry egg custard puddingoddviser

It is an egg shell filled with smooth and creamy pudding with egg and vanilla flavour. Buy the dessert for NTD30 in the bakery at the place where buses and trains from Taipei stop.

CNY 7Jiufen
#10Watch dragon boat racing in TaiwanWatch dragon boat racingoddviser

Every year you can watch the dragon boat racing at the end of May on the Keelung River under Dazhi Bridge.

FREEDajia Riverside Park
#11Take a foot massage in TaiwanTake a foot massageMargaret Cain

You can find a lot of massage stalls and salons on Dihua Street in Taipei. 30-minute foot massage will cost you about NTD400 and more.

CNY 87
#12See the Dome of Light in TaiwanSee the Dome of Lightoddviser

You can find the dome in the B1 level of Formosa Boulevard Metro Station. Come here at 11am, 3pm or 8pm to see the light show and listen to the piano.

FREEFormosa Boulevard Metro Station
#14Take a cable car ride over the island's biggest lake in TaiwanTake a cable car ride over the island's biggest lakeoddviser

Cable way along the eastern bank of Sun Moon Lake runs daily from 10am till 4pm.

CNY 66Sun Moon Lake
#15Watch Taiwanese aborigines' greeting dance in TaiwanWatch Taiwanese aborigines' greeting danceoddviser

You can watch the dance every morning at 9am at the entrance to the entertainment park.

FREEFormosan Aboriginal Culture Village
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