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Take a bike ride along one of the world's best panoramic roadsin Taiwan, China

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Bike road goes around Sun Moon Lake.
How to take a bike ride along one of the world's best panoramic roads in Taiwan
There are 5 bike tracks of different length and complexity around Sun Moon Lake, but all of them are the same picturesque.

• Xiangshan Section connects Shuishe and Xiangshan Visitor centers. The track is 3,4 kilometers long. Riding will take you about 30 minutes.

• Moon Lake Section starts at Shuishe Visitor Center and goes through Toushe Dam and Crescent Moon Bay. 4-kilometer track takes 40 minutes.

• Toushe Bikeway is a small 1-kilometer track that goes through Toushe village. The itinerary starts and finishes on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 21.

• Ita Thao Section is a 3,5-kilometer track that leads to the base station of cable railway of Sun Moon Lake.

• Songbolun Section starts at Songbailun Natural Park. The length is 1,5 kilometers.

• Shuishe Section starts at Shuishe quay and passes by flooded fields, tea plantations and mountains. The length of the track is 1,5 kilometers.

How to do?

1. Sun Moon Lake is placed in Yuchi Township that is a one-hour drive from Taichung City. You can get here by GuoGuang bus.

2. Arond the whole territory of the lake you'll find bike rent spots. For example, at the address 1F, No.163, Zhongshan Rd. Renting a bike, you'll also get a helmet, a cycling bag and a bottle of water. You can take a map of possible roads at Shuishe and Xiangshan visitor centers.

Where to do?

#1Sun Moon LakeSun Moon Lake

The biggest natural lake in Taiwan occupying an area of 7,7 km² and having a 40-meter deep is separated into two parts: the northern one resembles the sun, the southern - the half moon. The lake is a one-hour drive from Taichung city.

How much?

Bike rent is from TWD200.
Deposit sum that is blocked on your card during the rent is from TWD18,000 to TWD15,000 (depending on the bike brand).


Guest22 July 2024

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