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Things to do 4

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#1Climb the Town Hall in LvivClimb the Town HallKevin

1,2,3,4,5 ... 303 ... 398 ... 407 - you're almost there! You need to overcome 408 steps to appreciate the magnificent view of Lviv.

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#4Visit Las Fallas in ValenciaVisit Las FallasKevin

See Valencia the procession of huge dolls throughout the streets of the city of Valencia - the oldest one will be burned on the night of the feast of St. Joseph.

#1Go for the Deadliest Catch in JuneauGo for the Deadliest CatchKevin

Crab fishing in the Bering Sea is recognized as the most dangerous work in America - every third sailor dies.

#9Try orange-coloured wine in LjubljanaTry orange-coloured wineKevin

Nut flavoured spicy wine is made only in three countries in the world, Slovenia is among them.

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