Lagoon of San Teodoro on Sardinia

Place name: Lagoon of San Teodoro

Lagoon of San Teodoro is a paradise for bird watching, often departs from here excursion boats that travel wheeling across the lagoon and stop at the monastery of flamingos arriving here only in the summer.

This untouched part of nature, where you can have heard the birds singing, make some good pictures, and then relax in a clean and deserted beach, contemplating the beauty of Sardinia.

Region: Sardinia, Italy

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See the pink flamingos on Sardinia
Joan Naples See the pink flamingos#1 of 26 things to do on Sardinia

Ride on a boat on the lagoon of San Teodoro and look closely at the pink flamingos, arriving here in the summer.

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Guest30 March 2017

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*photo credit http://www.santeodoro.it