Su Nuraxi (Barumini) on Sardinia

Place name: Su Nuraxi (Barumini)

Near the village of Barumini is a complex built before our era civilization. It consists of nuraghe - conical tower, it is very reminiscent of a beehive, and several turrets around, closing it from outside enemies.

Until now, scientists could not give an exact answer about the reasons for construction of this complex. Some believe that nuraghe is a military facility, the other - the temple, the third - the home of the ancient people.

Among the attractions of the complex is worth noting not only the nuraghe, which rises to almost 20 meters, but also a deep well, leaving the ground a few meters.

Passages are very narrow, and they lead in the underground part of the complex. Among the maze of ruins you can walk and look at the ancient hearths, stoves and even altars.

Region: Sardinia, Italy

Location: Barumini

Open hours: from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

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See Nuraghe - ancient structure of an unknown civilization on Sardinia
Eugene Krasowski See Nuraghe - ancient structure of an unknown civilization#3 of 26 things to do on Sardinia

Look at the unique cultural monument - the structure of the prehistoric era.

How much: from 10 euros#unusual#authentic#views#mysticSu Nuraxi (Barumini)
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Guest30 March 2017

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