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Smoke Arabian water pipe in Dubai

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Smoke Arabian water pipe

Smoke water pipe? The very atmosphere of the East predisposes to it. Water pipe is an original tradition in Dubai, where men and women alike smoke it almost in every specially designated location. However, here they used to serve a separate water pipe to every person rather than sharing.

By the way, Arabs are not very preoccupied with water pipe preparation. Their approach is rather simplistic. That being said, local water pipe is incomparable to any other. As it turns out, excellent supplies and the tobacco produced not far from Dubai are far more important than the preparation process.

Interesting fact: water-pipe smoking is the custom brought into the UAE from the outside and local population, Bedouins, did not have it in the ancient times. Water pipe is more characteristic of Arabs in Egypt or Levant. In Emirates, they used to smoke medwakh, a small straight smoking pipe hand-made of wood with inherently small bowl (tobacco chamber) for mere 3-4 pulls.

In addition, the tobacco smoked with medwakh is not quite usual; it is Dokha, traditional tobacco of Arabs in the UAE ground to fine powder with added grass and roots, which contains several times more nicotine than normal cigarettes. Dokha means ‘vertigo’ in Arabic.

Traditionally, a Bedouin smoked medwakh while taking rest at a camp after a sip of savory coffee. Such tobacco is not smoked with water pipes and is hardly a thing that an inexperienced smoker should try.

Prices: starting at 30 dirhams


Guest27 March 2017

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