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Visit the Island of Happinessin Sana, Yemen

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On Socotra island in the Indian Ocean the nature stays pristine for millions of year.
How to visit the Island of Happiness in Sana
Socotra island is located 360 kilometers southeastward of Yemen. Endemic plants make the flora of the island, and its landscape resembles alien civilization.

The Dragon tree grows only on Socotra island, Sana
Photo: The Dragon tree grows only on Socotra island

Baobab, Sana

Socotra is enlisted to UNESCO world natural heritage. Life flows slowly amidst pristine nature, azure beaches and mountains - these are the reasons of the name "socorta" that stands for English "happiness"/

Here are natural pools in the limestone caves, Sana
Photo: Here are natural pools in the limestone caves, © unexplored destinations | flickr

How to do?

1. You can get to the island by plane from Sana - the capital of Yemen - or from Sharjah (UAE). Planes of Felix Airways and Yemenia Airways fly from Sana to here on Mondays at 8:55am, on Wednesday at 3pm, on Thursday at 10:30am and on Saturday at 7:50am. The flight takes about 3 hours. You'd better buy tickets in advance (25-30 days before). You can fly from Sharjah to the island on Wednesday at 11:30am and come back on Saturday at 10am. You've got to have visa to visit the island - you can get it in the Yemen embassy in your country.

2. There are a few hotels and camping spots to stay overnight for $20-30 per 24 hours. Local currency - Yemeni rial, but also they take dollars. Jeep is the best vehicle to move here - you can rent one at the airport and also hire a local guide.

Where to do?

#1Socotra IslandSocotra Island

It is an archipelago that consists of four islands in the Indian Ocean in southeast Yemen. The nature here stayed isolated for more than 6 million years. You can get here by plane from Sana.

When to do?

The best season to come here - February - March.

Tips and hints

Women should come outside wearing long-sleeved clothing not to provoke the locals who strictly abide the laws of Sharia.


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