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Watch gaucho rodeoin Tacuarembo, Uruguay

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Rodeo has been taking place in Uruguay for more than 100 years. Millions of spectators come here to watch gauchos competing to get entitled the best rider.
How to watch gaucho rodeo in Tacuarembo
Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha is a huge fest in Latin-American gaucho culture - it takes place during the whole week before the Easter.

Hundreds of cowboys compete to be entitled the best rider and get the main prize - $250. The main task is to stay atop as long as one can (usually about 10-15 minutes).

Most drop out of the competition during the first minutes, Tacuarembo
Photo: Most drop out of the competition during the first minutes

How to do?

1. Yearly rodeo takes place all around Uruguay, South States of Brazil and East coastline of Argentine - territories inhabited by Gauchos. You can look up the dates, apply for participation or place your bets here.

2. Watching gauchos riding horses is free of charge. The fest last the whole week.

Gaucho, Tacuarembo
Photo: Gaucho, © Eduardo Amorim

When to do?

Every year the dates of the fest are changed depending on the date of the Easter. In 2018 it takes place in Tacuarembó city in Laguna de la Lavanderas park from 6 till 11 of March.


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