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What to do in Montevideo —
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13 things to do in Montevideo

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#1Try asado in MontevideoTry asadooddviser

Different kinds of grilled meat and sausages. They are served with bread, salad, chimichurri sauce and red wine. Asado plate in cafe is priced from $50.

UYU 100Mercado Del Puerto
#2Try Tannat wine in MontevideoTry Tannat wineoddviser

Spicy red wine made of Tannat grapes. You can try the best Tannat wines in bodegas.

UYU 150
#3Try provoleta in MontevideoTry provoletaoddviser

You can try melted and roasted provolone cheese with spices in any markets or cafes. Provoleta dish costs $3-5.

UYU 40
#4See city panorama from a 105-meter palace tower in MontevideoSee city panorama from a 105-meter palace toweroddviser

Take a high-speed elevator to go up to Salvo Palace tower any day from 10:30am till 1:30pm.

Salvo Palace
#5Dance Candombe at the carnival in MontevideoDance Candombe at the carnivaloddviser

The carnival takes place on the first Friday of February on Isla de Flores St - everybody dances Candombe to a tune of drums

#6Visit the mausoleum of the Uruguayan "father" in MontevideoVisit the mausoleum of the Uruguayan "father"oddviser

The proclaimer's of Uruguay independence - Jose Artigas - ash is watched by a guard of honour.

FREEArtigas mausoleum
#7Go up to Antel Tower in MontevideoGo up to Antel Toweroddviser

Panoramic elevator takes visitors to the observation deck on 26th floor on Mon, Wed and Fri from 3:30pm till 5:00pm, on Tue and Thu - from 10:30am till 12pm.

FREEAntel Tower
#8Try chivito in MontevideoTry chivitooddviser

Chivito is an Uruguayan sandwich with a beef steak, fried bacon, cheese, tomtoes, onion and sunny-side up eggs. It is served with French fries or salad leaves.

UYU 320
#9Try chaja cake in MontevideoTry chaja cakeoddviser

Vanilla sponge cake with caramelized milk covered with whipped cream and crispy merengue. One piece of the cake in confectionery shops costs from $5, one cake - $25.

UYU 150
#10Buy vintage souvenirs in MontevideoBuy vintage souvenirsoddviser

Head to Tristan Narvaja market to buy some antique stuff. Stalls are open from 10am till 4pm.

Tristan Narvaja market
#11Try puchero in MontevideoTry pucherooddviser

It is soup made from beef, pork or chicken, vegetables - corn, potato, carrot, turnip - and spices. It used to be a soup of peasants, but now you can order it in any restaurant or cafe.

#12See the panorama of the city in MontevideoSee the panorama of the cityoddviser

Climb up to Fortaleza del Cerro to see the panorama of the bay and whole Montevideo city. You can do this any day except for Monday from 8am till 5pm.

Fortaleza del Cerro
#13Try mate in MontevideoTry mateoddviser

Mate is strong bitter tea that is made from dried leaves and fresh brunches of Yerba mate covered with 80°C water. It is served in calabaz with bombilla (a metal straw).

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