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Ride an elephanton Chang, Thailand

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Head to the elephant village to get a ride on an elephant's back and add one more exciting activity to your adventure list.
How to ride an elephant on Chang
Two elephants villages are situated on one of the most popular beaches - Klong Prao. The first one is located right at the road. Passing by you can see happy holiday-makers on the back of a huge gray steppe elephant. The second village is hidden in jungles. It is about 50 meters from the first one along the main road outwards from the quayside. When it is rainy season the road turns into mud, so it's pretty challenging to reach the place.

Elephants, Chang
Photo © Bend

What to take with you?

1. Camera. You can take pictures on your own or ask a guide. At a moderate tips he'll take great pics of an elephant with you on the back. You'd better put your devices into waterproof bag when the elephant is in the water.
2. Sunscreen with high level of SPF. Elephants move very slowly, there won't be a place to hide from baking sun.
3. Headwear.
4. Money to buy some food for animal (if you wish of course) and tips for an elephant handler.

How to do?

1. You can get quickly and easily to the Klong Prao beach or, to be more precise, to the turn to the national park where you'll find the Klong Plu waterfall. Take a motorbike or rent Tuk Tuk. You won't pass by the elephant village as the sign will put you in the right direction.

Elephant village, Chang

2. Choose the way of riding. The first - a one-hour ride. Second - a two-hour tracking including elephant bathing in the river. The first one costs 600 bahts, a longer one - 1200 bahts.

Tracking in the river, Chang

3. You'll climbing up the elephant from high wooden platform. On the back of the animal there is a small bench for two people, sitting here is relatively comfortable.

4. Despite the fact the route has been mapped in advance, elephants can stop where they'd like, haul off the leaves from the trees and get fed while walking.

Слоны, Chang
Photo © Bend

5. The Thais don't ever make artificial bodies of water for elephants, so the elephants bath in the habitat, in the nearest river. Perhaps an elephant will wet you a little with water, but be sire, it's really entertaining.

When to do?

You can plan your elephant ride for any daylight time.

But it's better to take it at 8-10am - at this time there are fewer people.

Tips and hints

1. As a rule an elephant handler takes a seat on the neck of an elephant or just walk next to the animal. It important to know that this person directs the animal affecting its ears. So, don't swing your legs and don't tickle the elephant's ears!

2. Elephants are very sensitive animals, they can't stand alcohol smell, so if you are even a little drunk the elephant will behave fussy.


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