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What to do in Dar es Salaam —
4 things to do

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4 things to do in Dar es Salaam

#1Try Konyagi in Dar es SalaamTry Konyagioddviser

35% alcohol drink is made from distilled sugar cane. It looks like vodka, but tastes like a milder version of gin. All bars in Dar es Salaam offer their local spirit.

TZS 10000
#2Buy kanga in Dar es SalaamBuy kangaoddviser

Traditional African piece of colourful cloth. Each kanga has a Swahili saying patterned on it. You can buy the traditional garment in shops and souvenir stalls in Dar es Salaam.

TZS 10000
#3Buy ebony souvenirs in Dar es SalaamBuy ebony souvenirsoddviser

Ebony sculptures represent modern African art. You can buy them at Mwenge market in stalls or from carvers themselves, they make objects right here. And don't forget to haggle.

TZS 20000Mwenge Woodcarvers Market
#4See humpback whale migration in Dar es SalaamSee humpback whale migrationoddviser

Humpback whales move to warm waters to the south of Mafia island from July till September. Take a boat and see it.

TZS 90000Mafia Island
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