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What to do in Colombo —
15 things to do

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15 things to do in Colombo

#1Play cricket in ColomboPlay cricketklia balo

Quite often you can see Sri Lankan people playing on streets with materials on hand! Join the team and play cricket with Sri Lankan people!

#2Walk along the promenade in ColomboWalk along the promenadeoddviser

Central promenade along Galle Face Green park is the place where locals have picnics, do sports and just hang out.

FREEGalle Face Green promenade
#3Fly a kite in ColomboFly a kiteoddviser

Buy a kite at Galle Face Green promenade and fly it over the ocean.

Galle Face Green promenade
#4See sunset in ColomboSee sunsetoddviser

Wherever you're on the island you can watch sun sink into the ocean. Lots of Lankans put off their routine to admire this beauty.

#5See the ceremony of the flag lowering in ColomboSee the ceremony of the flag loweringoddviser

They hoist the flag on Galle Face at 9am and lower it when the sun comes down - at 6pm sharp.

FREEGalle Face Green promenade
#6Try achcharu in ColomboTry achcharuoddviser

Traditional street food that is actually fruit and vegetables pickled in vinegar and spices. It is usually served with fried rice.

LKR 150
#7See pelicans sitting on lamp posts in ColomboSee pelicans sitting on lamp postsoddviser

While walking along the promenade, from time to time look at lamp posts - quite often you can see pelicans there.

FREEGalle Face Green promenade
#8Try on a saree in ColomboTry on a sareeoddviser

Traditional holiday outfit of Sri Lankan women. You can try it on for a small fee (100-200 rupees) in saree shops.

LKR 100
#9See Navam Perahera in ColomboSee Navam Peraheraoddviser

Annual fest with dancers, drummers and 50 dressed-up elephants - Lankans cherish their culture and traditions. In 2018 it's held on February, 13-14 at Gangaramaya Temple.

#10Try kottu in ColomboTry kottuoddviser

Traditional dish is made from chopped roti flatbread, eggs, meat or fish. It is prepared on hot iron sheets, so cooking is a loud process. Kottu is served in restaurants and street stalls.

LKR 100
#11Try buffalo curd in ColomboTry buffalo curdoddviser

Traditional yogurt made of filtered and boiled buffalo milk. You can buy it in supermarkets throughout the city, but the curd in a clay pot from street vendors is more authentic.

LKR 130
#12Try battered shrimps in ColomboTry battered shrimpsoddviser

Battered shrimps are well-liked snack among Sri Lankans. Every street vendor offers to try the food delicacy.

#13Try papadum in ColomboTry papadumoddviser

Traditional fried thin crisps are made from flour, dhal and chick peas. They are served as a snack or with rice and curry in any cafe or vendor stall.

LKR 37
#14Drink king coconut juice in ColomboDrink king coconut juiceoddviser

A coconut stall vendor chops the husk, using his machete, he pokes a hole in the top and inserts a straw. After drinking slightly acidic juice, scoop out the sweet, custard-like flesh.

#15Try arrack in ColomboTry arrackoddviser

Traditional drink that is made by distillation of fermented coconut milk (toddy) or palm syrup. It's 60-90 ABV and tastes like rum or whisky. You can order it in bars or restaurants or buy in special alcohol shop.

LKR 700
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