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The Moon things to do & places to visit

This celestial body is closest of all to the Earth. The Moon keeps countless mysteries that are calling on people to unravel them.

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This satellite of the Earth is the most studied celestial body. You can admire the enigmatic and beautiful Moon even without a telescope. Those who had a chance to visit the surface of lunar craters, were extremely lucky. It is in this distant place that humans can realize how incredibly lucky we all are to live on the Earth, to have the possibility to watch colorful sunrises and sunsets, to enjoy the greenery of the grass and to listen to birds’ singing.

And the Moon is the kingdom of a complete silence. There is no water, no air, and, therefore, there are no sounds. The sky above the Moon is always black, and you can see stars even during the daytime. There are no clouds and there can't be any fogs, you will see neither a rainbow there nor a sunrise. The Moon attracts us with its cold silent shine and it remains an object of astronomers' research.

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Take a selfie with American flag as a background on the Moon
oddviserTake a selfie with American flag as a background#1 of 1 things to do on the Moon

It is going to be the coolest picture, making you famous all over the world.

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