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What to see in Amsterdam —
7 places to visit

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7 places to visit in Amsterdam

#1Red light districtRed light district

With the advent of dusk, the quarter in the center of Amsterdam is filled with tourists, the smell of marijuana and "priestesses of love".

#2Visit Vincent Van Gogh museumVisit Vincent Van Gogh museum

The museum houses the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh and the works of artists who were inspired by his art.

#3Park KeukenhofPark Keukenhof

The park is open to visitors from late March to mid-May, when millions of flowers blossom. There are more than 7 million tulips here. The entrance fee is €16.

#4I amsterdam signI amsterdam sign

The guests of the city often get together on the Museumplein to take a picture on or near the letters.

#5Cat Cabinet MuseumCat Cabinet Museum

In the three-story building of the museum everything is devoted to cats - more than 5000 items of paintings, sculptures, furniture and souvenirs with images of cats.

#6Zaanse SchansZaanse Schans

In Dutch museum village 200-year-old mills function, also they breed sheep here and make cheese.

#7Glass cafe Blue AmsterdamGlass cafe Blue Amsterdam

It offers a panoramic view from 3-4 floors of the shopping center Kalvertoren. Binoculars and coffee are available.

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