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Go rafting between two countriesin Karasburg, Namibia

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Go rafting along the Orange river that flows on the boarder between Namibia and South Africa.
How to go rafting between two countries in Karasburg
Green fertile banks of the Orange river make a harsh contrast on the back of the Namib desert and sand mountains from Southern Africa side.

Rafting route stretches for 60 kilometers. At halt spots during the rafting you'll get treated smoked freshly-caught fish, and at night you can lie in the open air and gaze at starts.

Orange river camping, Karasburg

How to do?

1. Rafting tours normally start and finish at Provenance camping spot that is a 2-hour drive southwestward of Karasburg town. You can look up the timetable and book a seat in one of the operator, say here.

2. The water in the Orange river is warm all year round and rapids are suitable even for newcomers. Rafting ride lasts from 4 to 6 days.

Where to do?

#0The Orange RiverThe Orange River

The river has its source in the Drakensberg, flows along the border between the Republic of South Africa and Namibia and runs into the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can go kayaking or rafting and see 146-meter waterfall.

How much?

4-day rafting tour costs $330.

Tips and hints

• Tours normally include rafting equipment rental, guide service and lunch
•Take a tent and a sleeping bags with you to stay overnight in a camp spot
• Put a camera and a snack in a waterproof back
• Take a sunscreen, lotion, swimsuit, change underwear, towel and a med-kit
• At camp spots you can pay only in cash!


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