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What to do in Borneo —
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3 things to do in Borneo

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#1See Pygmy elephants in BorneoSee Pygmy elephantsMaltasar

Rare species of elephants inhabit jungles in the north of Borneo. You can see them going down the Kinabatangan River.

#2See Rafflesia flower blossom in BorneoSee Rafflesia flower blossomoddviser

The red flower reaches one meter in diameter and stinks grows in the west coast of Borneo. It blossoms only for 5-7 days. You can find the flower all year round.

#3Take a cave quest in BorneoTake a cave questEvgeny

Take equipped quest around Mulu caves system. The price starts at MYR120. You need to book the quest before taking.

MYR 150Gunung Mulu National Park
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