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Things to do 5

#6Climb onto the abandoned port crane in ChernobylClimb onto the abandoned port craneАлена Юрьевна

There are four of them here. Which one would you choose to get a little thrill.

FREEAbandoned cargo port
#8See sakura blossoms in High Park in TorontoSee sakura blossoms in High ParkАлена Юрьевна

Come to High Park in April, when the Japanese cherry trees are blossoming during the whole week or week and a half.

#5Ride a river tram in SevilleRide a river tramАлена Юрьевна

On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a relaxing river tram voyage along the Guadalquivir river.

#20Watch Caribana carnival in TorontoWatch Caribana carnivalАлена Юрьевна

In the last 2 weeks of July, the festival of Caribbean culture gathers crowds of people in carnival costumes.

#2Try smorrebrod in CopenhagenTry smorrebrodАлена Юрьевна

Open-faced sandwich of rye bread with butter, herring and other add-ons is a distinguished piece of Danish food indeed!

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