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Visit a 2000-year-old cave cityin Petra, Jordan

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Construction of Petra city began in IV century BC.
How to visit a 2000-year-old cave city in Petra
Ancient city Petra was constructed by Nabataean wandering Arabs. Road to Petra lies through the narrow canyon Siq and leads to the main sight of Petra - 45-meter Pharaoh treasury Al-Khazneh carved in the cave.

The Siq Gorge is 3 meters width and about 1200 meters length, Petra
Photo: The Siq Gorge is 3 meters width and about 1200 meters length

Al-Khazneh Treasury, Petra
Photo: Al-Khazneh Treasury

In the valley of the ancient city there is a 4000-spectator theatre in a sand cave built in 4 BC and also a lot of cave or separate stone tombs. Next to the theatre there is a steep slope leading to the High Place of Sacrifice - climbing up takes about half an hour, but the view from the top is worth it.

How to do?

1. Petra is located on rocky landscape - a 2-hour drive from the international airport or 1,5-hour drive from the touristic city of Aqaba. You can buy tickets to the Petra reserve area only in the Visitors Center at the entrance.

2. Book a room in the hotel near Petra (twin room - from $100 per night) to stay overnight and see the ancient city in the cave in the moonlight.

How much?

The entrance ticket to Petra city in the first day of staying on the territory of Jordan is JD90.
For those who spend minimum 24 hours on the territory of the country is JD50.
The entrance is free for children under 12 years old.


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Photo credit © Wanderlust Chloe