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Land on Marsin Aqaba, Jordan

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Red-orange sands of Wadi Rum desert look like episodes from movies about life on Mars.
How to land on Mars in Aqaba
In Wadi Rum desert that occupies more than 700 square kilometers you can see flame-coloured sand and rock landscapes, green oasis, also drink tea in Beduin camp and greet sunset over the desert.

Burdah Rock Bridge, Aqaba
Photo: Burdah Rock Bridge

How to do?

1. The desert is placed an hour drive of Aqaba. Don't rely on public transport in Aqaba, you can take a taxi for 40JOD or book an excursion to Wadi Rum at the hotel.

2. The entrance to Wadi Rum territory is 5JOD. Entrance on your own car is forbidden - on the territory you can walk, ride a camel or rent a jeep with Beduin guide. Price for jeep safari at Wadi Rum information center depends on the route length and number of sights on it (from 25JOD to 80JOD).

3. If you want to greet the sunset in the desert and stay overnight here - you're always welcomed in a Beduin camp. But it's better to book a tent in advance online (twin tent costs from $20 per night) not to pay Beduin pay three times as much.

Breakfast is included in bedouin camp accommodation, Aqaba
Photo: Breakfast is included in bedouin camp accommodation, © Jeff Hui

Where to do?

#0Wadi RumWadi Rum

The Valley of the Moon that is known for its red and orange Mars landscapes is placed in the south of Jordan. It is 60 kilometers south of Aqaba city. You can get to the territory daily from 8am till 4pm.

How much?

Jeep excursion around Wadi Rum desert with a guide is from 25JOD to 80JOD.

Tips and hints

Take with you a sleeping-bag, sunscreen, head-wear, flashlight and antiseptics.


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