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What to do in Jerusalem —
5 things to do

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5 things to do in Jerusalem

#1Write a letter to the God in JerusalemWrite a letter to the Gododdviser

Write your dearest wish in a letter to the God and leave it in a gap of the Wailing Wall.

FREEThe Western Wall
#2Visit the world's biggest Holocaust museum in JerusalemVisit the world's biggest Holocaust museumoddviser

In the museum there is a memorial to dead Jewish, Holocaust exhibition and educational centre with a library.

FREEYad Vashem
#3Try Falafel in JerusalemTry Falafeloddviser

These are fried balls made of grinded chickpeas and ful beans with adding greenery, species, garlic. You can try falafels in all the cafes of Jerusalem.

#4Watch Night Spectacular in JerusalemWatch Night Spectacularoddviser

Light and sound night show depicting the history of Jerusalem takes place in the courtyard of the Tower of David at 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm. Check the dates on the web-site.

₪55The Tower of David
#5Try Meurav Yerushalmi in JerusalemTry Meurav Yerushalmioddviser

Jewish meat dish made of chicken hearts, liver, slices of lamb, onion cooked on a flat grill and seasoned with black pepper, cumin, turmeric, olive oil and coriander.

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