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What to see in Haifa —
3 places to visit

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3 places to visit in Haifa

#1Monfort CastleMonfort Castle

The castle was built by the Crusaders to protect Jerusalem from Muslims. Montfort is literary translated from the french as "strong mountain".

#0Rosh HaNikra grottoesRosh HaNikra grottoes

The limestone white grottoes are situated 10 kilometers north of Nahariya city on the border between Israel and Lebanon. You can come here from 9am till 4pm.

#0Baha'i GardensBaha'i Gardens

The gardens are 19 terraces resembling a cascade. The main entrance to the gardens is located at address 80 Hatzionut Avenue. You can come here daily from 9am till 5pm. The entrance is free of charge.

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