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Things to do 7

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#1Swim with stingrays on Bora BoraSwim with stingraysRian Clark

On Bora Bora island, you can swim with stingrays and feed sharks by your hands.

XPF 10000Bora Bora Lagoonarium
#2Take a ride on the world's longest cable car in ZhangjiajieTake a ride on the world's longest cable carRian Clark

Take a ride from Zhangjiajie City directly to the top of Tianmen Mountain.

CNY 258Tianmen Mountain
#21Watch the dancing fountains in KievWatch the dancing fountainsRian Clark

In summer a colorful music show is held in Kiev. Go straight to Maidan Nezalezhnosti to see it with your own eyes.

#8Try smoked lamprey in RigaTry smoked lampreyRian Clark

River fish that has got no scale, no bones, no fin. And by the way, the Latvians find the national cuisine delight more delicious than smoked eel.

€4Riga central market
#4Watch Cirque du soleil in MontrealWatch Cirque du soleilRian Clark

The circus is a native of Montreal, known for its unusual shows on the verge of circus art and street performances.

CAD 47
#6Try montreal bagel in MontrealTry montreal bagelRian Clark

They are smaller than their American counterparts, but with a larger hole. Ideally, they are cooked in a wood-burning stove.

CAD 8.75
#11Try palinka in BudapestTry palinkaRian Clark

Palinka is vodka made from fruits and berries, produced exclusively in Hungary. Apricots, pears, blackberries - seems it can be made almost of everything.

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