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What to see in Galapagos Islands —
3 places to visit

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3 places to visit in Galapagos Islands

#0The Galapagos National ParkThe Galapagos National Park

97% of all the territory of the Galapagos archipelago is a conservation area with animals and endemic plants. Galapagos is located 2 hours fly from Quito. Upon arrival you have to pay $100 tax.

#0San Cristobal IslandSan Cristobal Island

The island in the north of the Galápagos archipelago is known for relaxed way of rest. You can fly to San Cristobal Island from Quito.

#0El Chato Tortoise ReserveEl Chato Tortoise Reserve

The reserve with the biggest tortoises (Galapagos tortoises) strolling in their habitat is located in Santa-Rose on Santa Cruze island.

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