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What to see in Copenhagen —
10 places to visit

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10 places to visit in Copenhagen

#1Freetown ChristianiaFreetown Christiania

Non-official "city within the city" with the population of about one thousand of people. Cars and bulletproof vests are forbidden, but soft drugs are allowed.


Central harbour of Copenhagen - it used to be a commercial port, and today it is a resort place of the city Bohemia.

#2Church of Our SaviourChurch of Our Saviour

The baroque church draws attention by the sophisticated design of its tower. You can climb it by spiral stairs.

#3Christiansborg PalaceChristiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace used to be the royal residency, now (since 1859) the Danish Parliament sits in sessions here.


Inside the XVII-century tower you'll find a belfry, fist library of Copenhagen and the oldest in Europe observatory. From the top of the tower you'll see beautiful view of the city.


Residency of the royal family that consists of 4 identical palaces. Two of them can be visited.

#7Little Mermaid statueLittle Mermaid statue

The statue dedicated to the character of the book of Danish writer Andersen is situated in the port of Copenhagen.

#8Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale HouseHans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House

H.C.Andersen Fairy-Tale House is placed in the building where the writer lived.

#9Dyrehaven Deer ParkDyrehaven Deer Park

The Deer Park was put in place in 1669 for Danish king to go hunting individually, in 1756 it was open for visiting. The park occupies 11 sq. km.

#10Islands Brygge Harbour BathIslands Brygge Harbour Bath

5 pools including 2 for kids and a lot of room for sun-bathing, picnics, ball games. Open from June,1 till September,30.

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